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Build world-class Product teams

Fractional CPO services to help your product teams ship better products to happier customers

Product team booster

Congrats! You’ve hit product market fit! Now what?
- How do you make sure you are focusing on the highest-value work?
- How do you hire the right team, and keep them engaged?
- How do you ensure you are getting optimal output?


All the support you need to build a world-class product team

Implement the right processes to build the best products - on time, with higher quality

Product Planning & Roadmapping

Identify the the most impactful features to focus on, and build a process to maintain focus

  • Product & UX audit

  • Product strategy clarification

  • Feature strategy & roadmapping

Product Marketing &

Learn how to get to PMF, the audiences are looking for you, and how to communicate their needs

  • Audience analysis

  • Product positioning

  • Continuous experimentation

Team Design Optimization

Attract, source, hire & retain the best product folks at the budgets that make sense for you

  • Organizational structure

  • Effective goal setting

  • Process improvement

Why work with us?

+10yrs as product leaders

Extensive experience in startups and scaleups, taking products from nothing to millions in revenue, and several to exit

Cost effective

The fractional model means you only pay for the expertise you need, saving you tens of thousands of pounds

Fullstack product

Expertise in all stages of the product lifecycle & product disciplines -planning, documentation, UX, GTM, growth

Global reach

Most of our work happens asynchronously, meaning we can support you regardless of time zone

Plan 1 - One-off


One-off calls to provide advice and support as needed. Typically covers things like product positioning, product messaging, GTM strategy and investor advice.

  • Best for helping you get unstuck

  • One hour call

  • No commitments

  • Call summery sent via email

Plan 2 - Recurring


The benefits of having an experienced technical leader on your side who has already been there, overcome that - without investing the time and money in a full-time hire.

  • Product strategy

  • Roadmapping

  • Hiring & Org design

  • Ongoing advice and support

Let's work together

We’d love to hear from you! Send us a message using the form below, or email us at


Why wouldn't I hire a full-time product manager?

At early stages, the founders fill the product manager's role. Transitioning to a specialized product person/team can be daunting and expensive.
We can help fill in your team when the need comes.

How do we collaborate?

We use Coda or Google Docs as it's free, easy to use and allows easy commenting, sharing and tagging. Happy to use your internal tools as well.We can join internal chat channels on Slack, Google Chat, Discord or any platform you're using.

Where are you based?

We are in Canada 🇨🇦 and work with clients in North America.We believe having significant time-zone overlap is key to smooth collaboration.Depending on the engagement, we're happy to collaborate on-site at the expense of the client.

What if i'm not happy?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, but we understand that sometimes it’s just not the right fit.For fixed-scope projects, you can cancel anytime should you choose. Our recurring engagements are on a monthly basis. That means you can try working with us without committing significant time or money.

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